The Ultimate Guide for Guns N' Roses Collectors
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I've been a devoted Guns N' Roses fan for 20 years.  I have followed the band's career since 1986 and have seen almost every piece of GNR merchandise there is, both officially licensed and bootleg.  I also own some of the rare collectibles. These guides were on Ebay, but I removed them because of harassment and "No Vote" spamming. 

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8-Tracks & Cassettes
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Rapidfire Demo
Hollywood Rose Demo

Live Like A Suicide
Live from the Jungle

Appetite for Destruction

Initial Releases
Non-US Releases
CDs and Promos
Hit Singles
The Album and Music

GN'R Lies

Initial Releases
Non-US Releases
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The Album and Music

Use Your Illusion I & II

Initial Releases
Non-US Releases
Promotional Material
You Could Be Mine
Don't Cry
Live and Let Die
November Rain
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Civil War
The Album and Music

The Spaghetti Incident?
Live Era '87-'93
Greatest Hits
Chinese Democracy

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Bootlegs Introduction
CDs & Tour Dates 83-87
CDs & Tour Dates 88-90
CDs & Tour Dates 91
CDs & Tour Dates 92
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Is It Really Vintage?
Appetite Logo Tees
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Democracy Logo Tees
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Concert Tees '91-'93
Concert Tees '01-'03
Concert Tees '06
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GNR Forgeries

Homemade Merchandise
Autographs, Are they real?

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